Monday, April 13, 2009

Traits of a quality learner

My desk group has made a poster about
the traits of a quality learner. This is some
of the things we included in our group poster
on traits of a quality learner.

A quality learner always listens and follows instructions.
They are always on task and try not to get distracted.
They will always do the best to their ability and finish
all work neat and tidy. They will follow rules all the time
and will treat people how they wanted to be treated.
They will never bully anyone or hurt their feelings.


  1. Very well done for uploading your poster and explaining your quality learner traits.
    I was also particularly impressed by your groups behaviour today - you all worked diligently and neatly. Well done! :-)

  2. great work on ur crosses in our soccer matches keep it up.Also great work on ur traits of a quality learner keep it up :) ;) :/