Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I made a picture of Picasso when I was 10.
It was kind of hard but It looked really cool!
I think that Picasso's pictures are pretty weird but cool. I find his portraites easier to draw because it does not look much like the actual person.
His pictures use lots of lines and shapes. Thats why I think people don't like his pictures because they look like something some little kid has done.
Picasso is cool!


  1. if this picture is yours when you were 10 you are awsome :-) LOL

  2. Nah that is not my picture. LOL =)

  3. How do u get a picture by your blog title?

    nz 4eva :)

  4. You made a spelling mistake "his portrates easier". You spelt portrait wrong you said "potrate" in staed of "portrait".

    But anyway nice post. I'm impressed!